hosted by: Jessica Guzik

99 | A warm hug of gratitude (special Thanksgiving episode)

Today’s episode is a very special gratitude themed episode in honor of the holiday.  If you want to shift into an energy of gratitude and feel warm and fuzzy, then this one will be perfect for you.


You’re going to hear some of my season 4 guests open up about what they’re grateful for in their careers.  The women you’re hearing from are:


Amelia Anderson (Episode 71)

Kara Diane (Episode 79)

Erin Foley (Episodes 73 and 74)

Meg Duffy (Episode 90)

Jeanette Jordan (Episode 80)

Ashlee Leppert (Episode 84)

Margot Leitman (Episode 93)

Leonela Vaccaro Padron (Episode 86)

Rasheeda Williams (Episode 100, coming out next week)


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