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The Art of Speaking Up is a podcast that helps ambitious women like you build the lasting confidence you need to make a big impact in your 9-5 career.

Whether you’re looking for a dose of inspiration to help you believe in yourself, or tangible skills that’ll help you wow your audience when you speak, The Art of Speaking Up has got you covered.

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303 | Getting past the fear of doing your job “wrong”

If you’re someone who cares deeply about doing your job right, today’s episode is for you.  Sometimes in our quest...

302 | Assertiveness vs. aggressiveness: how to communicate in a way that’s assertive but not adversarial

Assertive communication is a non-negotiable skill for success in your corporate career – it’s how you establish a reputation as...

301 | How to navigate conflict + how to work with difficult stakeholders

If you work in a corporate environment in a role that requires you to interface with other teams, running into...

300 | Shift your mindset from doubting yourself to believing you’re fully capable

If you want to feel more confident about your capabilities at work, today’s episode is for you.  In today’s episode,...

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