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9 | How to get unstuck from the Monday-Friday grind and bring positivity and playfulness into your career with Carrie Clarke

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In this conversation, Carrie covers some of the key tenets behind achieving happiness and productivity in work and in life.  Carrie and I chatted about:


  • Why our brains can get stuck in negative mode, and how to reorient our thinking towards the positive
  • How to build confidence when we’re feeling low
  • Why criticism can sting so much and leave more of a lasting impact than positive feedback
  • Why we can end up feeling stuck in our jobs, and what we can do to start to feel unstuck
  • How we can bring more joy into our careers and our lives by exploring new strengths and passions
  • How we can make work feel more fun and playful, and
  • How we can ultimately live a more happy and fulfilling life


My favorite thing about this interview was the list of techniques that Carrie suggested to help us get unstuck.  They are:


  • List of 100 accomplishments: list 100 things that you did well, accomplished, or that turned out well for you whenever you’re needing a boost in confidence or productivity
  • Curiosity journal: spend a few days noticing everything you’re curious about and capturing it in a journal. Then reflect back and see what pops out to you, and get curious about how you can pursue it or learn more about it
  • ‘What-if’ exercise: if you’re on the fence about something or feeling stuck, list out 10+ potential solutions that start with ‘what-if?’ Don’t filter out any ideas!  Just list everything that comes to mind
  • Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual: On a sheet of paper, draw four quadrants for each category, and list the things in that category that make you feel happy and fulfilled.  Make sure you’re doing at least a few of those things every day or week
  • The Unicorn hat: find an unconventional way to make a boring task more fun


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