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82 | How to deal with “what if I’m not good enough?” with Leigha May

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Today’s guest Leigha is not just an incredible leader in the corporate space and career and life coach, but also a wonderfully authentic and insightful human.  In this conversation we dive deep into the mindset challenges that many women cover at work.  You’ll hear us talk about:


-Impostor syndrome

-Difficult & shameful emotions & struggles at work

-Achieving success without giving up you truly are

-How to make fear feel less big & daunting

-How Leigha works with fear and helps clients explore the underlying thoughts

-One of Leigha’s favorite exercises for cultivating self-belief and self confidence

-The struggle to believe that change is possible

-How to belief in our abilities and cultivate self confidence

-The importance of allowing yourself to dream

-Leigha’s daily practice that helps her feel confident & chase (and achieve!) her biggest goals & dreams

-The importance of cultivating a healthy relationship with failure

-How to become less afraid of rejection

-The importance of letting go of control

-Leigha’s relationship with her femininity, and how her experience of her femininity changes/shows up in a professional setting

-Leigha’s process of re-learning how to be her authentic self at work


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