hosted by: Jessica Guzik

67 | The moment of dread before you introduce yourself to the room: a story of struggle (season 3 finale)

Welcome to the final episode of Season 3!  If you have struggled with fear, dread, or anxiety at the thought of confidently speaking up and introducing yourself to a room full of colleagues, then today’s episode is for you.


Today I am reading a personal essay that I wrote about my fear of introducing myself to large groups of people.  I am writing about my own experience in the hopes that my story can be used as a vehicle to help you find self-love in spite of your fear, and eventually find the courage to make peace with your fear and speak up boldly in any situation.


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I hope you’re having a fabulous week.  And if you ever feel afraid to introduce yourself to a large group of people, please remember that your levels of courage are only limited by the decisions that you are willing to make, moment to moment to moment.


Be patient, because change takes time, but also be willing to believe in change and bet on yourself.


All my love,