hosted by: Jessica Guzik

6 | Why assertiveness can feel uncomfortable and how to ease into it with Kourtney Keaton

I remember getting feedback early on in my career that told me that I needed to learn to be more assertive.  I also remember being confused and uncomfortable around the idea of assertiveness.  What exactly did this mean?  How and when was I supposed to do it?  And most importantly, why did it feel so foreign and uncomfortable for me?

Assertiveness is a complex, multi-layered topic – especially for many women.  In this conversation with Kourtney, we dive deep into a very important piece of the assertiveness puzzle: why it can feel uncomfortable for so many of us, and how we can learn to stay strong in our communication without feeling like we’re sacrificing our authenticity. 

Kourtney is an influential leader in Corporate America, and in this episode, she shares how her voice, her presence, and her assertiveness evolved as she grew her career.  Kourtney normalizes the fact that assertiveness can be very difficult – and in doing so, she enables us to breath a collective sigh of relief and know that we are not alone in our anxieties and discomfort around this topic.  

Kourtney provides valuable advice on how we can tap into a modality of assertiveness that feels right for us, and shares powerful information on the intersection between assertiveness, women’s empowerment, and the connection that we have with our voices and our inner authority.  

Kourtney was an inspiration to me.  When I spoke with her, I felt her passion for uplifting other women, and she inspired me to continue amplifying my own strength as well as the strength of other women.  I hope that she does the same for you! 

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