hosted by: Jessica Guzik

57 | Walk into the room with confidence, win over your coworkers, & handle rejection gracefully with Kirsten Clarkson

Welcome to the show!  Today’s conversation is all about creating and radiating confidence from the inside out.  So often, we want to feel and appear confident, but it can be difficult to do this when we find ourselves stuck in self-criticism and feelings of smallness.

Today’s guest, Kirsten Clarkson, is an acting coach who helps her clients show up more bravely and authentically in their acting careers.  In this conversation, I explore how Kirsten’s work helping performers show up boldly can be leveraged by women in the workplace. I can say from personal experience, being bold at work often feels to me like I’m standing on a stage with the spotlight shining directly on me.  I wanted to learn how actors handle this pressure, so I can get better at handling it myself!

In this episode, you’ll hear us talk about:

-How to build confidence

-Centering yourself in your body when you feel nervous

-How to get unstuck from being focused on our flaws

-How to handle rejection

-Being afraid of what people think of us / other peoples’ opinions

-How to have presence

-What we can learn from George Clooney

-How to walk into the room with confidence, 

And so much more!

This is a seriously fun and insightful episode – and I hope you enjoy it!

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 As always, thanks for tuning in.