hosted by: Jessica Guzik

54 | Finding the confidence to face & overcome your professional struggles with Petal Modeste

Today I am talking with Petal Modeste, Associate Dean of Student Affairs Administration at Columbia Law School.  In this conversation, she shares advice and reflections from her own career, as well as from her experience helping thousands of students at Columbia launch their legal careers.  This conversation centers around self-confidence and sense of self in our professional environments, and we hit on so many interesting topics, including:


-The challenge of dropping your mask at work to build connections

-Nurturing professional relationships authentically

-Being the only woman of color and wondering about her ability to thrive

-How where are at in life and how personal sense of self and how that impacts our career

-Why we struggle professionally even though we do really well in school

-How confidence can come from soothing and loving ourselves in the moment of struggle

-Knowing that being bad at something won’t ‘ruin’ your career

-When you’re struggling, accepting where you’re at and moving on

-Being hard on ourselves,


And more!

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