hosted by: Jessica Guzik

5 | Olivia Mitchell explains how to get comfortable speaking in front of groups – even if you’re shy or afraid

Speaking in front of groups can be not only challenging – but for many of us, it can be extremely anxiety inducing.


I know how frustrating and debilitating it can be to feel deeply uncomfortable at the thought of getting up in front of groups – I’ve been there!


In this episode, I chat all about the fear of public speaking with Olivia Mitchell.   Olivia is a speaking coach who believes that even the shyest and most afraid person can get more comfortable with this over time.


If you’re anything like I was, you are probably skeptical that this is actually true.  You probably think that this works for other people, but it could never work for you. 


Olivia is here to prove you wrong.  Though she began her career as an attorney, she now focuses on exclusively on public speaking.  Her specialty and one of her greatest gifts is helping women who are very afraid of public speaking get more comfortable in front of groups.


Her approach is one that I hadn’t heard of before, and something I wish I would have had access to in my 20s.  If you struggle with speaking in front of groups, you’ll appreciate the fact that Olivia does not push people to just force themselves to get up in front of groups and ‘get over it.’  Her approach is gentle yet calculated, and one that I believe is very powerful and effective.  I am so excited to bring Olivia’s ideas and point of view to listeners!


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