hosted by: Jessica Guzik

43 | Leave fear behind and show up bigger than you ever have before (Season 2 finale)

Welcome to the Finale of Season 2 of the show!

Keeping consistent with Season 1’s theme, in today’s season Finale I’m recapping what I’ve been learning throughout Season 2 in terms of personal and professional growth, and sharing my most meaningful lessons with you in the hopes of helping you through whatever you might be struggling with.  And today I’m talking about a favorite topic of mine: playing big, and making the brave and bold decision to show up in your career in ways you never have before.

Oftentimes, we play small.  We’re afraid of taking risks, we’re afraid we’re not good enough, and we’re afraid of making mistakes.  But just because we feel afraid, it doesn’t mean we can’t choose to push ourselves towards greatness.  This episode is all about stepping into a bigger, bolder, and more authentic version of yourself so that you can turbocharge you career trajectory and your professional fulfillment. 

If you are ready to uplevel in your career and begin bringing the absolute best of what you have to offer to work with you, then this episode is for you.  Whether you want to do this in big ways or small, I want to give you the tools, the push, and the encouragement to go after whatever it is you are wanting.

I hope you enjoy this episode, and as always, please reach out to me!

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And don’t forget: you are a wildly gifted, talented, and passionate being and your biggest impact on the world happens when you begin to truly embrace this.

Thanks for tuning in! (: