hosted by: Jessica Guzik

42 | Letting go of inhibition, femininity in hypermasculine work environments, balance vs. burnout & more with Camila Mize

We all want to feel strong and confident at work, no doubt.  But for women – it can be hard.  We often feel pressure to assimilate to the work culture that surrounds us, and this often means turning off our femininity and dulling our true personality in order to fit in with our environment.

And yet – our identity is the strongest foundation we have.  When we are able to come into ourselves and show up just as we are, we can begin to tap into our deepest source of power and self-confidence.

In today’s conversation, you’ll hear all about Camila’s journey through this very process.  As someone who identifies as being creative and feminine, it took Camila some time to come into her own and find a sense of strength and identity in the male dominated finance industry.

Camila’s story reminds us of an important truth that we should hold onto closely if we’re trying to build confidence.  She reminds us that true confidence is never about impressing the people around us.  In fact, it has very little to do with what people around us think.  Instead, it’s about those moments where we impress *ourselves.*  Whether it’s by doing something that feels scary or taking a big risk, the strongest form of confidence comes when we cheer ourselves on through those moments of intense vulnerability and fear.

You’ll also hear Camila talk about:

  • Dropping perfectionism and detail orientation in order to grow as a leader
  • The discomfort involved in growing and developing
  • The struggle to set boundaries at work
  • Career twists and turns and the challenges of finding one’s path
  • The challenges of embracing femininity in masculine environments
  • How Camila built confidence in unconventional ways by exploring her creative passions outside the workplace
  • The importance of expressing yourself creatively outside of your job, and how following your curiosities outside work can help you grow at work
  • The social and cultural challenges of being a woman
  • What to do when you’re feeling stuck

If you are looking to build your confidence or find your voice in the workplace, then you will find today’s conversation rich with insights and nuggets that will serve you on your personal and professional path.

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