hosted by: Jessica Guzik

40 | Afraid you’re not good enough for your job? How to stop fearing incompetence with Erin Foley

Do you struggle to believe that you belong in, and are good enough for your job?  Do you feel like impostor syndrome has become a way of life for you?  If you struggle to believe in yourself and your capabilities, then today’s episode with mindset coach Erin Foley will be perfect for you. 

While we may feel alone in our mindset struggles, Erin’s coaching work and expertise sheds light on just how common it is to get stuck in the fear that we aren’t truly good enough for the jobs that we hold.  As Erin explains, it is totally normal to feel this way in our jobs, particularly when we’re in new environments, or taking on new roles or projects.  Rather than get caught in the negative spiral that this type of thinking can send us down, Erin encourages us to step back from our thoughts and get perspective on the situation.  Often, what we are perceiving as the truth is not as closely connected to reality as we may think it is.  In this conversation, Erin offers insights, advice, and techniques to help us break free from this negative thought pattern.

Erin also explains the difference between perfectionism and healthy ambition, and explains how the need for external approval drives perfectionistic tendencies.  She also delves into impostor syndrome, breaking down what it looks like, the different types of impostor syndrome, and what to do if we are stuck in it. 

This episode is perfect for anyone who is having troubles trusting that they are good enough for their job.  I found Erin’s wisdom to be refreshing, honest, insightful…and a huge relief.  Knowing that these feelings are normal, and knowing that there are ways to move through them is encouraging and uplifting.  I felt this sense of possibility and optimism while learning from Erin, and I hope you do as well.

To get in touch with Erin, check out her website at, and as always, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @theartofspeakingup

Thanks for tuning in, and catch you next week for part 2 of my conversation with Erin!