hosted by: Jessica Guzik

37 | Shift your mindset and transform career uncertainty into a sense of possibility & adventure with Charissa Stowers

Have you ever felt uncertain about your career path, wondering whether you’re moving in the right direction and whether you are where you are supposed to be professionally?


It’s easy to get swept up in the uncertainty of not knowing exactly where we want to go professionally, and this uncertainty can transform enjoyment of our own careers into a sense of dread and anxiety.


But all it takes is a small shift in perspective to realize that not knowing exactly where we are going isn’t necessarily a negative thing. In fact, if we can begin to view each step forward as an exercise in data-gathering, and an opportunity to learn more about what we like what we don’t like, we can release the pressure of not having all the answers and simply enjoy the learning and exploration that happens as we move through our careers and try on different roles and projects.


Today’s guest, Charissa Stowers, talks all about her own career path and the winding route that it took. In today’s conversation you’ll hear all about how Charissa began her career in a retail job working on the floor at the Apple Store and moved all the way up to a director-level position in the tech vertical specializing in Learning and Development.


Charissa talks about why it is okay not to have everything figured out all at once and how we can take small steps in our careers to explore our interests and learn what it is we want in our careers. We also talked about how it is normal to feel uncertain and even overwhelmed when you’re first entering into a new job or work environment. I also asked Charissa what it’s been like to transition into becoming a mom and how that has impacted her career. Her answers might surprise you!


And most exciting of all, because Charissa specializes in helping professionals grow in their jobs, in this episode she shares a goal setting in visioning exercise that we can do to help identify what we want our professional future to look like and what steps we can take today to get there.


I absolutely loved talking with Charissa. My conversation with her reminded me of the fact that when we treat our careers with lightness and a sense of adventure we can move through times of uncertainty with a sense of ease, wonder, and joy – rather than a sense of anxiety and overwhelm.


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