hosted by: Jessica Guzik

33 | What to do when your fears are getting in the way of showing up the way you truly want to with Jess Ratcliffe

If you discovered that you only had a decade left in your career, how might you begin to show up differently?


Perhaps you’d begin to speak up more at work, or set more ambitious career goals.  Or maybe you’d simply allow yourself to have more fun, take more risks, and be more adventurous.


Today’s guest had a moment in her career where a scary health diagnosis lead her to ask herself a scary question:


“Am I happy with the way things are going if I only had a decade left?”


Through this experience, she realized that she wasn’t showing up the way that she wanted to, and that fears and fear of judgment was holding her back.


She made a big shift in her career and her life, and as a result of this shift she now focuses on coaching professionals and helping them release their limiting beliefs and step into their full potential.


If you are feeling stuck, struggling to take risks, playing small, or fearing judgment or failure in your career or your job, this episode is for you.


As part of our exploration of what it means to release fear and let go of the fear of judgment, Jess is challenging the listeners to reach out to her and share your goals!


She will pick one winner who will receive a gift in exchange for their courage and bravery.


To complete Jess’s challenge, simply:


  • Take some time to imagine your best self. List out all of the qualities your best self has
  • Pick 1 quality on your list that you are most excited about, and think of 1 tiny next step you can do to move closer to it
  • Email me ( and Jess ( and tell us what your tiny step is
  • Jess will pick 1 person who reached out and we’ll be sending them a gift as a reward for their bravery!


To get in touch with Jess, you can find her at and on all socials at @jessratcliffe, and on her podcast which is titled Unleash Your Extraordinary with Jess Ratcliffe (


As always, thank you for tuning in!