hosted by: Jessica Guzik

29 | Mentors, perfectionism, introvert-friendly networking, and feminine power with Asari Aniagolu

I loved this week’s conversation with Asari so much.  Asari is an attorney who opens up about how she’s built a successful career and remained authentic to her true personality at the same time.   


We talk about how mentorships and professional relationships are often at the core of a successful career, but more importantly, Asari explains why you don’t have to be super extraverted or even 100% confident to begin building and cultivating professional relationships.


Asari reflects on how she’s settled into her own way of working and being in the workplace, making her authentic qualities of introversion and inner reflectiveness work for her in the world of litigation, which is often anything but introverted and inwardly reflective.


We also talk about many topics that women frequently struggle with professionally, and Asari offers a perspective that shifts these struggles into positives.  She helped reframe common things we might view as ‘problems’ into things that are neutral or positive.  For example, she explains:


  • How perfectionism can simply be an invitation for us to open up and let go
  • How introversion isn’t a negative thing, just a character trait
  • How an ‘unfun’ networking event can be viewed as a chance to make genuine connections
  • How being quiet or reflective can make relationship building easier
  • And so much more!


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