hosted by: Jessica Guzik

289 | No more impostor syndrome: learning to feel confident with the exact, imperfect skillset you already have

If you struggle with impostor syndrome, aka the persistent feeling that you’re lacking the skills you need to succeed in your role – then today’s episode is for you.


You might feel like you need to quick acquire new skills so you can stop feeling inadequate in your role, but the truth is – chasing skills can become a never ending task where no matter how many new skills you build, you STILL feel that nagging sense of impostor syndrome.


I want to show you that there’s a better way, and that impostor syndrome can stop limiting your career the limit you decide you want it to.  Tune into today’s episode to shift your mindset around impostor syndrome and learn to feel un-freaking-stoppable with the exact, imperfect skillset you already have. 


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