hosted by: Jessica Guzik

288 | What to do when your mind goes blank while you’re speaking (how to stay confident + in control)

Are you afraid of your mind going blank when you’re speaking?  If so, you’re not alone.  The fear of going blank when you’re talking is one of the biggest things I see preventing ambitious professionals from speaking up more and having a stronger voice at work.

The good news?  It’s a fear you can work through, and in today’s episode I’m breaking down the mindset AND tactics you’ll need to become unstoppable in the face of this fear.


Tune in to learn the exact mindset shift that’ll help you stop being so afraid of your mind going blank AND to learn four simple tactics that’ll help you play it totally cool if your mind DOES go blank while you’re speaking.  With these tips and tricks, your audience isn’t going to know that you’re stuck.  Even if your mind goes blank, they’ll experience you as confident & sure of yourself (for real).

Tune in to learn how to do this!

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