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28 | Why it’s so hard to say ‘no’ and how to create boundaries & stop people pleasing with Vicky S. Joseph

I know very few women who don’t struggle with saying ‘no’ – especially in a professional environment.  It’s often instinctual for us to want to say and do the right thing so that we can preserve our reputations, do good work, and make the people around us happy.


But when does the tendency to always say yes bring us farther away from our goals?  The more we say yes on autopilot, the more we risk frustration, burnout, and feeling like we’re not embodying our full authenticity by speaking and sharing our opinions truthfully.


Luckily, today’s guest has dedicated her ow career to helping women say ‘no.’  Once dubbed ‘quiet Vicky’ by her classmates, today’s guest was extremely shy as a child and eventually found her own courage and voice by delving into the world of acting.


Today’s guest, Vicky S. Joseph, is the founder of The Art of Expression. As a communication consultant and acting coach, she helps women who are *way too nice* communicate with confidence on stage, in personal and professional relationships. She has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Her specialties include: conflict resolution, effective communication, boundary setting, emotional assessments and assertiveness training.


In this episode, Vicky shares key advice, tips, and tactics to help us say no and explains why this can be so hard. 


We also run through common work scenarios that arise that can make it challenging to say no, and Vicky help us craft language we can use at work to get through these tricky situations.


You can find Vicky online and on social media:


@Vickyallday (Twitter and Insta)


Vicky S. Joseph (Facebook)


Books mentioned by Vicky:


Codependent no more

No more Christian nice girl

Boundaries by Henry Cloud


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