hosted by: Jessica Guzik

276 | Overthinking, the pressure to have all the answers, and why messy is better than perfect with Ivna Curi

In today’s episode, I’m putting myself in the hotseat and I’m being interviewed by fellow career coach, Ivna Curi.

Tune in to hear us dive DEEP into why expertise is overrated when it comes to being an effective voice in the room, and what to focus on instead.  You’ll also hear us share vulnerable stories about our own experiences finding the confidence to share our voices more publicly, and our best advice for thriving in your 9-5 career.

Ivna is a coach and trainer for professionals who want to be heard and communicate better, and this episode was originally aired on Ivna’s podcast, “Speak Your Mind Unapologetically.”  If you like this interview, you’ll love her podcast.  Be sure to check it out at:


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