hosted by: Jessica Guzik

263 | Assertiveness: the ultimate guide for people pleasers, empaths, and the highly sensitive

If you want to advance into leadership roles (and thrive once you’re in them), you have to master the skill of assertiveness.


I see lots of women get stuck when it comes to assertiveness because they think they need to be more aggressive & domineering in order to be assertive (and they *hate* doing this).


But what if I told you that your natural kindness and empathy are your greatest superpowers when it comes to assertiveness?


It’s true – effective assertiveness isn’t about being the most domineering person in the room.  It’s about knowing how to walk the line between directness and collaborativeness – and I believe that kind, empathic humans are equipped to do that better than anyone else.  Tune into today’s episode to begin developing an assertive communication style that honors your authentic personality & your values (because it IS possible).


I hope you find this episode permission-giving and liberating!



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