hosted by: Jessica Guzik

252 | How to THRIVE in a leadership role (without having to be perfect or compromise your values)

If you want to create BIG success in a leadership role, this week’s episode is for you.


So many of my clients have a false belief that in order to succeed in a high-level leadership role, they need to 1) give up their values and be tougher on people, and 2) be more skilled at their job.


I disagree.  In fact, I think that who you are, right NOW, with your current values, personality, and imperfect skillset is MORE than enough for you to thrive as a leader.  And in today’s episode, I’m determined to show you why that’s true.  


You don’t need to become someone different to rise up and succeed professionally.  You need to do the exact opposite and learn to be MORE of who you already are.


Are you ready to start doing that?  Tune in and I’ll show you how.  


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And have an amazing week!