hosted by: Jessica Guzik

23 | On building confidence and creating a fulfilling career – even when life gets in the way with Nicole Martins

This week I chat with Nicole Martins all about her career journey in the legal field.  Nicole opens up about how some of her personal struggles impacted the course of her career, and we talk about how she remained strong and focused throughout her professional journey, even as she encountered major roadblocks and barriers.


You’ll also hear us talk about:


  • How to manage personal challenges that spill over into work
  • Getting through work while grieving the loss of parents
  • Seeing that career and financial success is possible despite personal struggle
  • Landing a high paying law gig without a fancy school, connections, or high GPA
  • Getting a resume to the top of the pile without the perfect grades & experience
  • Building confidence
  • Getting over the fear of talking to very senior colleagues
  • And so much more!


This episode is perfect for anyone who is feeling stuck and wanting to get inspired to reach higher in their careers.  It is also perfect for anyone who is on the journey of building confidence and trying to understand how to have a powerful and authentic presence in workplace, even when it feels difficult. 


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