hosted by: Jessica Guzik

22 | How I’m dealing with my inner critic (Season 1 finale)

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This week’s episode is a solo episode, where I explore the emergence of my inner critic both in my career and in my creation of this very podcast.


As part of this exploration, I unpack the ways in which internalized misogyny has hardened my inner critic and caused me to direct a very viscous kind of hatred inwards, towards myself.


I share what I’ve been learning from this experience, how I plan to dismantle my inner critic, and how this might be helpful to you.


In doing so, I hope to bring light and positivity to the parts of ourselves that can often feel cruel or painful. 


If you’ve been listening since the beginning of the show – thank you so much!  I am enormously grateful for your support.


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I can’t WAIT to catch you again in Season 2!!!