hosted by: Jessica Guzik

219 | How to advocate for a promotion without feeling icky or weird about it

If you want to be on an accelerated path to leadership, then it’s super wise to be vocal and transparent about your desire for a promotion.  I’m a super strong advocate of asking your boss & organization to promote, rather than waiting to be promoted – because asking has the potential to dramatically speed up your promotion timeline.


The challenge is – you might feel an enormous amount of discomfort when you imagine yourself asking for a promotion.  And honestly – this is very common, and totally normal.  And even better – asking for a promotion doesn’t have to feel so weird and icky.  In today’s episode, I’m walking you through some guidance that can help you feel authentic and GOOD when advocating for a promotion.  It isn’t too good to be true, and it IS something you can learn to do.


Ready to dive in?  I hope you enjoy this one!


Below are the links I mentioned in the episode, as well as links to some episodes that offer you more guidance and resources on the topic of advocating for a promotion.




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