hosted by: Jessica Guzik

19 | On making big, scary career changes, career uncertainty, & why we’re afraid of new things with Meg Duffy

This week I chatted with career coach Meg Duffy about the work she does helping women make career transitions.  Meg specializes in helping women build and grow careers in tech, and supports her clients on a practical and an emotional level as they chart the next steps in their careers.  In this conversation we hit on:


  • How to break down big career transitions into smaller steps
  • How impostor syndrome, fear, and anxiety can make career growth challenging and how to build confidence over time
  • How to figure out what you like and what you don’t like professionally
  • How to gain clarity about the direction of your career
  • How to figure out what you want and set career and life goals
  • What to do if you’ve just started a new job and are realizing it might not be a good fit
  • Resources to help you better understand potential employers when you interview


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