hosted by: Jessica Guzik

189 | Navigating the challenges of working motherhood, advocating for your needs, & untangling from self-blame with Hannah Rudnick

Life as a working mom can be tough, and in this week’s episode I wanted to bring in a perspective to help those of you who are working moms build a career (and life) that honors your needs as both a mom AND a human.  Today’s guest Hannah is a parent empowerment coach and dear friend of mine who supports moms in building lives that honor their goals alongside all they do as parents.  Tune in to hear us chat about topics like:


-Navigating the challenges involved in being a working mom

-Navigating the decision of whether or not to have kids

-Carving out time for parental obligations even if you work a 9-5

-Honoring your own needs alongside your role as a parent

-Untangling from self-blame


And so much more!


I absolutely loved this conversation.


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Have an amazing week!