hosted by: Jessica Guzik

181 | Why trying to sound smart in meetings isn’t a good idea (and what to do instead)

Do you pressure yourself to sound super smart when you speak up in meetings?


If you do – I want you to know that this is totally normal, and something we ALL do.  We’re messy humans who want people to think positive things about us – so naturally, we sometimes get preoccupied with sounding smart when we speak.


But – the problem with trying to sound smart when you speak is that it ends up causing you to sound LESS smart.  In fact, focusing on sounding smart can really get in the way of you becoming a powerful communicator.


In this week’s episode, I’m explaining why this is true, and suggesting a totally different (and far more effective approach) to dazzling your audience.  And the good news is – it’s a lot easier than trying to sound smart.


I hope you enjoy this week’s episode! 


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