hosted by: Jessica Guzik

176 | Executive communication: how to speak with BIG impact when you’re in the room with higher-ups

Executive communication is a skill that ANYONE can master – even if you feel like speaking up isn’t necessarily your strong suit.  I know that being in meetings with more senior leaders and executives can feel super scary – but the good news is – learning to speak in a way that impresses them is right within your reach.  In this week’s episode, I walk you through the basics that you’re going to want to master when it comes to communicating with your boss, leaders, and higher-ups at your company.  With a little bit of practice and intention, you can transform your words into what feels like magic to those around you.  And when you do this, your confidence and your professional reputation will begin to soar.


I can’t wait for you to listen to this, and I want to hear from you as you try out these tips, so shoot me a note on Instagram (@theartofspeakingup) and tell me how you’re doing!


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