hosted by: Jessica Guzik

153 | How to sound confident when you’re feeling anxious, intimidated, or small

Most people misunderstand the art of harnessing and projecting confidence when you feel anxious or intimidated.  Honestly, “fake it till you make it” never worked for me or resonated with me.  When I was in corporate, I didn’t want to build confidence that was FAKE – I wanted to build confidence that was sustainable and the REAL deal.


In this episode, I’m walking you through an alternative to “fake it till you make it” that will help you project TRUE confidence from the inside out.  I’m explaining why so many people stay stuck when it comes to exuding confidence when they speak, and how to get unstuck if that happens to you.  This episode will change how you view your confidence and your voice and help you see that truly, the confidence you desire is indeed possible for you even if you are struggling. 


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