hosted by: Jessica Guzik

129 | The pressure to fit in, how confidence gets built, the discomfort of growth, and proving to yourself you can do it with Marjanna Barber-Dubois

This week I’m chatting with Marjanna Barber-Dubois all about her journey of building confidence and learning to be true to herself at work.  This interview blew me away – Marjanna’s story of building confidence and showing up for herself even in super difficult situations gave me chills.  Tune into our conversation to hear her talk all about:


  • Managing the pressure to fit in
  • Being queer and how that’s impacted her professional experience
  • How she’s worked through and managed stage fright
  • Her journey of building confidence
  • Witchy practices to stay grounded and centered at work
  • Resetting during a moment of panic or a downward spiral


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Thank you SO much for tuning in, and I’ll catch you next week!