hosted by: Jessica Guzik

108 | Becoming the strongest most confident version of you – no matter your struggles

Welcome to another solo episode!  Today, I’m talking about how you can take control of your professional trajectory & pave the way for a career path that is truly remarkable.


I think that women in the corporate & professional world deserve best-in-class career development advice.  That’s really what was missing for me in my career, and was why I started this show.


As women – we need career guidance that is truly inspirational and allows us to tap into the strongest, most powerful version of ourselves.  And that is exactly what this episode is designed to do.


Listen in and I’ll guide you through a way of thinking that will make 2021 (or any year!) the year you show up DIFFERENTLY.


Because when you show up differently, the world responds differently.


And that is when things REALLY start to take off.


I can’t wait for you to listen in. 


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Catch you soon,