hosted by: Jessica Guzik

1 | Welcome! What to expect + how this show will help you

In this episode, I share a little bit about my inspiration for creating the show.  Spoiler:  I was incredibly awkward, shy, and insecure in my early 20s.  And I was alone, with no mentors to help me through it.  And it was one of the most un-fun times in my career. 


I don’t want any woman to go through some of the struggles I encountered and feel like she’s alone.  Whatever someone’s career struggle may be – whether it relates to confidence, fear, anxiety, frustration  (or like me, all of the above) – I think it’s so important to have more voices out there unequivocally telling women this one very important thing:


The way that you are feeling is okay.


As women, we simply don’t hear this enough.  And in fact, we often hear the opposite – we’re not only told that we need to look, act, and behave perfectly – but we’re often subtly & sneakily told that if something is hard for us, we are somehow to blame.  And that we should quickly fix, or hide, whatever is wrong. 


I want to start a dialogue around professional women’s empowerment that tells women the opposite.  That they’re awesome, and that anything that’s a struggle for them is normal.  And I especially want to remind them how amazing and talented they are, because I think one of the most important ingredients in women’s empowerment is helping women see and understand their own power.


And that’s my goal for the show: to help you see how incredible you actually are, so that you can go after your career goals with reckless abandon. 


I hope you enjoy it!



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