52 | Embracing the discomfort of professional growth and learning to trust that you belong with Marissa Germain


This week on the show, I’m talking with guest Marissa all about her professional growth and the challenges she’s grown through as she has built up here career in international development.  In this conversation we dive deep into the struggles of questioning one’s belonging


-Learning to speak up and feel more FREE at work

-Imposter syndrome

-Wondering if you fit in

-The processof learning to believe in yourself, your ideas, and what you have to offer so that you’re able to step into greater leadership roles

-Working in foreign aid / int’l development

-How life is a squiggly line, not a straight line

-Letting go of CONTROL

-Marissa’s startup


and much more!


Check out Marissa’s startup at www.reedoe.com, and as always, please reach out to me on instagram (@theartofspeakingup) and say hello!

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